It's Not U It's Me

Safer Spaces Policy

It's Not U It's Me is a harassment-free space. Harassment means any conduct that is known, or ought reasonably to be known, to cause offense or humiliation, and may include persistent unwanted attention, and deliberate infringement of personal space. We believe every person, including partygoers, performers, and event staff, is entitled to an environment free from hate speech, violence, predatory and discriminatory behaviours. We encourage you to contact event organizers or security staff if you witness or are on the receiving end of acts of this nature at any one of our events. We hope to create a dancefloor that is welcoming and inclusive – a sanctuary for people from all walks of life. Entry to INUIM parties is up to the discretion of the security team to ensure these expectations are met and a positive vibe is maintained.

We believe dance parties, nightclubs, and raves are spaces that every person regardless of background deserves to participate in, and live music is best enjoyed when the listeners can lose themselves in it. Harassment, discrimination, and abuse are all things that undermine these moments of joyful transcendence, and make partygoers feel uncomfortable and unsafe. INUIM strives to be a truly accountable nightlife collective and aims to create a dancefloor utopia – a union of pleasure, freedom, and community spirit. This means we are all responsible for creating the supportive and fun spaces we desire, and INUIM is dedicated to working collectively with community members to turn this vision into reality.

People attending and/or helping out with our dance parties are asked to be aware of their behaviour and the ways in which they could be causing harm to others. There will be clearly marked volunteers at all It's Not U It's Me at the Power Plant events. Look for individuals wearing green bandanas. Partygoers are encouraged to contact them as well as security staff and event organizers if they notice behaviours that cause harm to others. Any and all reports will be taken seriously and dealt with by organizers and security staff. We reserve the right to assess and manage situations in the best interest of our collective goal towards creating liberating and harm-free spaces.

While we recognize that INUIM is imperfect and continuously learning, we are committed to doing the work and pushing ourselves in order to truly remain transformative and accountable to our communities and supporters. Dance music is not apolitical, and the rave has ethics just like every other area of life. We hope to uphold these values so that all members of our diverse community can lose themselves, and feel safe/free to do so, at all of our events.

Our party guidelines are forever growing, so we appreciate
any and all constructive feedback from the community.
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