It's Not U It's Me

The Power Plant 2016

It's Not U It's Me is thrilled to announce a world class summer party series with our partners at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. Drawing inspiration from similar events at cultural institutions such as MOMA PS1, Vooruit and the ICA, The Power Plant will transform into a space celebrating the diverse cultures and DIY community spirit of underground dance music with internationally renowned DJs, AV performance art, sculptural installations, and dance floors you can lose yourself in. Highlights include Detroit pioneers Claude Young, DJ Stingray, Rick Wilhite, the Interdimensional Transmissions crew, Dutch disco heads Antal & San Proper, Discwoman acid priestess Volvox, and Chicago industrialist Beau Wanzer, to name a few.

Come dance with us on July 9, July 30 and August 20, while the sun sets over the waterfront terrace, then head inside and align your body and mind in the sensory overload of our corridors and 3 storey Harbourfront Centre Theatre. Break up with the mundane and rekindle the soul. This is the undiluted dancefloor sublime, straight from the source, where your sweat equity pays spiritual dividends.

It's Not U, It's Me.
Are U Committed?

Please note this is a harassment-free event. Harassment refers to any conduct that is known, or ought to be known, to cause offense or humiliation, and may include persistent unwanted attention and deliberate infringement of personal space. We believe that every person is entitled to an environment free from hate speech, violence, predatory and discriminatory behaviours. Please contact the organizers or security if you witness or are on the receiving end of acts of this nature. We hope to create a dancefloor that is welcoming and inclusive – a sanctuary for people from all walks of life. Entry to the event is up to the discretion of the staff to ensure these conditions are met and a positive vibe is maintained.

view our extended Safer Spaces Policy here

July 9July 30August 20
Claude Young
Dj Stingray 313
Rick Wilhite
Avalon Emerson
Brigitte Bardon't
Haf b2b Adam Khan
Dustin Good & Butr
Joel Eel
Burglar b2b Viscera
Hudson Alexander
Edna King

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Patrick Russell
Ectomorph (live)
Justin Long
Christina Sealey (live)
FIT Siegel
Scott Zacharias
John Elliott
Jason Amm
Beau Wanzer
Jordan Zawideh

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Bubble Tent (Outside)
Adam Feingold (Ex-Terrestrial)
Shifra Rifka
Raf Reza b2b Kirk (Spacedust)

Lobby Stage (Inside)
Andrew Ross
Diana McNally b2b Pammm
Jaime Sin

Theatre Stage (Inside)
San Proper
Alister Johnson
247ESP (live debut)
Ali Black & Pooyan

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